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TWAG Newsletter,

Travel pictures from Ghana are being sold successfully by some travel photographers.Travel photographers come into Ghana quietly to take photographers. We always think of festivals as culture.Only festivals.Good pictures are hard to find.Stock photography need imagination.News photography is rare.International news come from Ghana once in a blue moon.Mrs. Trump just left Ghana.However ,she left behind projects that will be remembered by her name. Fashion photography practically fall within what we call Culture.Ghana is not popular with the Boy boy but we have designs and textile companies. Real fashion will begin with our own designs on fabrics for styles and attires that more than importantly can be copyrighted in the name of specific fashion houses .Fashion houses and galleries need market their designs on a medium scale for the international market.This market is known as industrialized mass culture. Mass culture is millions of people across boundaries who wear same clothes , drink

Drink same wines and eat in restaurants that belong to chains and hotels.To belong to the crowd you must kowtow to adverts and promotions. Industrialized mass culture is more a media culture than the specific artifacts ,foods and what have you. A media culture is a photography culture.The magazine. The adverts media and public stunts associated with special events. That is where those who belong cling together.You will be there to share the culture strung together by the media. I will be there with my camera.
Fashion photography will begin with funding the money to support events within industrialized mass culture. Fashion houses must own fabrics with copyrighted designs and should have the support of financiers that can produce enough to meet high tech high speed specifications indeed large scale production for quick distribution in the fast changing tastes of mass culture.
We have to pool our resources together,each specializing in his forte and contributing to a team-like huge indus


Creating more room for myriad of TV stations for generations to come.I wonder how many TV stations we have today especially in the developed Western world.But with Digital TV we can add another two million stations over the next generation.Internet broadcasting is practically the same as network broadcasting.Because of the cost sharing which weighed more against small radio stations,internet broadcasting which used to be the hub of the amateurs have come into wide vogue with almost all the network TV stations running two transmissions, one for networks and the other for the internet.This has increased the number of radio and TV stations manyfold with the influx ofdecoders for digital stations.Previously,you had to have an internet connection to see such stations.Now you can see them on your TV set direct.Digital transmission  is the established mode and transmitters are in compatible mode,transmissions including TV,mobile phones and the internet. This compatibility means their terminal

Terminals fit into one another without the necessity for conversion before display. 
You can listen and view TV news on your mobile phones just as you can make phone calls on your mobile phones or internet lines.They all use cable or phone lines.And so is TV today.
Ghana has no broadcasting law that regulates content.The Censorship Board that regulated cinema content is moribund because wide-screen cinema halls have virtually given way to indoor video shows.We have been outrun by media of all kinds that can be described as broadcasting whether close circuit or outdoor,whether internet or terrestrial. Which one do you confine or circumscribe and regulate? None.Therefore we have only the airwaves themselves to regulate because we can trace the owners of the transmitters and their reach.More importantly,censorship in this country became a frontal engagement between Nkrumah and the West including his political rivals.Nkrumah used media propaganda as a campaign weapon in a largely

Traditional and non literate world that Africa was by trading words for lies and rumors. He knew how to gag every mouth and the only one that is heard above the noise.
This is why many Ghanaians prefer licentious and vulgar language broadcasting to a broadcasting that will not disillusion children and the youth.The National Communications Authority has less to worry over content but more to deal with as far as the influx of technology on the market and our porous borders remain uncontrollable. I used to have a digital radio set which in searching for a station when in automatic mode will stop at every station that is airing momentarily.And I am told they have similar devices for tracing unlicensed stations that are airing .All these preaching is to drive home a point.That us,the NCA must be made competent to deal with invading offensive technologies.And to this end the Authority must simply be staffed by technologists and not politicians.In view of the huge investments and political

Political ends of media relations the inspectorate of the NCA is not without blemish.Casual visits to a terminal even when duty has not called for earned great financial rewards.Prestige is not left out. Ladies ask for job placement from overseas.When DJs are worshipped by street audiences,inspectors kowtow to DJs.You can be taken off air.
In the US where a FCC exists,every broadcaster -amateur or professional, executive producer or commission dared not touch a mic unless he has at least a 3rd. Class license.Engineers and technicians who run broadcasts stations ,whether PH.D’s or diplomats,whether on the job trained or science graduates must first possess the 1st. class FCC license.What is most democratic about the license exam is that it is conducted every Saturday and you can take it as many times as you can until you pass.Yet apart from public address systems,woe is he who touches a mic or a mixer without an FCC license.We in this part of the world consider it an infringement on  our

Human rights when asked to produce a permit from the police before staging a play as a requirement or in fulfilment of the public assemblies act.But once all these acts are logged at the police stations it is easy for the Actors Guild ,the Writers Guild, Broadcasters Association and ultimately the IRS to collect their due of the gate or box office. Therefore,at least,in the interest of the tax collector,the playwright at the remote end who might not know his play is on stage gets his royalty from his guild.He can put instructions on the play at the guild’s office denying those who could play or see the play including unwarranted adaptations of his work.Such measures create the right environment and proper emoluments for artists who work full time and who contribute to taxes earned by the State. A professor at Legon and I need not say this is becoming a past time of scholars in the arts tried to estimate how much comes to entertainment from tourism receipts.

You might wonder who collect;;

:These monies. It appears these rewards are not collected at all.As a writer if you ask me if I pay the twenty percent commission on book sales, I say No. and if you ask me bow many books of mine are sold a week I say I don’t know. If you tell me someone is printing a book of mine or photocopying them for sale  I say whom do I report such pirating to.Regulation is the answer. And corruption and mismanagement of the regulating bodies would do us more harm.Talk about MUSIGA COSGA,Actors Guild ,etc. The vogue now is to pay a membership fee if 400 cedi a year to be eligible to attend seminars.What for?//